Our history

May 2010
All started wit a little niche

As a sideline task to freelance IT, the first little BI service ‘BrandWatch’ is born

May 2010
Mar 2014
Team expands

Being a full-time endeavor with 3 people + freelancers, brandcompete provides cloud, data and BI services to Online Marketing agencies

Mar 2014
Sep 2016
GmbH founded

brandcompete grows and focusses on enterprise data and cloud solutions, aquiring insurance and automotive customers

Sep 2016
Jun 2019
Cloud is king

Unlocking cloud potentials for enterprise customers has grown into a key field in addition to data management. Tools and products like ‘Synetrics DWH suite’ are fully established

Jun 2019
May 2021
European expansion

Besides 2 offices in Germany, brandcompete diversifies its team towards eastern Europe in Sofia

May 2021
Oct 2022
Data feeds the world

Data and compute services for AI model training and execution diversify brandcompete’s cloud services and product portfolio

Oct 2022

How we work successfully

At brandcompete we create IT in the best possible sense. We always try to be at the leading edge of technological development. With our in-depth knowledge, we offer IT consulting but also develop and operate our own software products. Most of our customers are global corporations or large medium-sized enterprises. However, we also serve smaller customers (some indirectly), especially in our area of online marketing tools.

We’re no traditional IT consulting joint in the sense that our employees are placed onsite with the customer. Most of the work is done in our own offices or remotely at home. We typically work in small cross-functional teams among ourselves at brandcompete, with the customer or other service providers. We take pride in shaping customer projects with our IT consulting expertise before implementing a project. In that way, we stay in control of the working rhythm and create space for creativity as well as personal development. In addition to our consulting work, it is on our heart to drive our own software products forward. 

It’s important that we help each other and that everyone can contribute their skills and ideas regardless of hierarchies. For example, the managing directors, too, work as team members on various projects. In this context, they are not chief executives, but part of the team like everybody else. In a discussion the best argument wins, rather than the highest title. In the same spirit, we are not regulating vacation and working hours at brandcompete. Everyone is responsible for the tasks and projects assigned to them. Within this responsibility everyone can decide on their own when and how to work. 

In summary, we want to create awesome technologies and work together successfully as people, by integrating fun, family, leisure and lifelong learning. And we have to say that so far, we’re doing pretty well.


We’re a young and digital company with employees in Germany and Bulgaria. Our team consists of developers, IT and project consultants, infrastructure administrators, software architects and data scientists with one thing in common: We love technology. Even though we don’t all work together in the same office, team work is very important to us and we’re proud of our open and respectful corporate culture!

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Our values

Customer centricity

Everyone says: The customer is king – but when it comes to the crunch, many knock off work instead. We put our customers’ needs first. Of course this doesn’t mean that we can make everything possible, but we never leave you out in the rain. Your problems are also ours, that’s our promise.


We strongly believe that one performs better in an honest and pleasant environment. That’s why we make sure to meet everyone with respect and on a level playing field. With this positive mindset, we can achieve peak performance without feeling stressed.


Sometimes it’s just a hype, but often enough the winner responds to a trend first. Especially when it comes to technologies. We stay on top through an agile project management process that includes everyone from the beginning.

Solution orientation

At the beginning, there’s typically an obstacle you’ve encountered in your business. Maybe you’re not getting exactly the report you need, or your employees are taking too long to change the product catalogue. We seek to fully understand the problem and work hard on finding a solution.


At brandcompete, we see ourselves as proud engineers who offer simple and elegant solutions. We face the rapidly changing requirements of the IT world with expertise, lifelong learning and strong, quality-oriented processes.


Our company strives for a no blame approach to mistakes and cross-functional problem solving. This is successfull because our relationships, internally and vis-à-vis our customers and partners, are based on mutual trust and learning from one another.

Mobile work

brandcompete is set up as a mobile and digital company. We emphasize close communication and self-organization. We collaborate with state-of-the-art tools and have weekly company-wide catch-ups to share the latest news.

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