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brandcompete helps you unlock the full potential of the Cloud for your business. Optimize your current Cloud Infrastructure, explore new opportunities for growth or ensure a seamless transition to the Cloud – Our Operative Cloud Management services make it happen.

Our services

How we support your business in achieving Cloud Excellence

With our in-depth expertise in the three leading Cloud platforms, Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure, brandcompete is the perfect partner for your transition to the Cloud. We develop cloud-native software and create and maintain cloud infrastructures.

Network/VPC Management

Because we understand that the basics are crucial, our team is proficient in setting up and configuring Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) on all three platforms. To ensure safe and efficient communication of your applications, we optimize networks and enable a secure connection between your local on-prem network and the Cloud so that existing services can interact seamlessly with the Cloud, or even move incrementally. This way, you and your business benefit from the advantages and synergies of both worlds without having to give up proven concepts.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Because we know that the correct assignment of authorizations is of central significance, our experts have mastered Identity and Access Management (IAM) at all levels. This way, we can ensure that your resources are only accessible by authorized users and that automated business processes in the Cloud can only see and process the data that has been explicitly approved (Least Privilege Principle).

Cloud Hosting

From AWS EC2 to Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, we offer comprehensive Cloud Hosting services. Our focus is on creating the optimal environment for your applications to enable performance and scalability. Our services include:

AWS: EC2, S3, Auto Scaling, AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Amazon CloudFront
GCP: Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Autoscaler, Google Cloud Load Balancing, Google Cloud CDN
Microsoft Azure: Virtual Machines, Blob Storage,  Azure Autoscale, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Managed Services

brandcompete integrates cloud managed services into your applications. Managed Services provide the highest level of abstraction and can be the best choice to create new applications quickly and efficiently. Our experience includes for example:

Database Management

AWS: Amazon RDS
GCP: Google Cloud SQL
Microsoft Azure: Azure Database

ETL Processes


Monitoring and Troubleshooting

AWS: Amazon CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray, AWS Config
GCP: Google Cloud Monitoring, Google Cloud Logging, Google Cloud Trace, Google Cloud Operations Suite
Microsoft Azure: Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insights, Azure Security Center


Our Kubernetes Services

Amazon EKS,
Amazon ECR

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE),
Google Container Registry

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS),
Azure Container Registry

Cross-Kubernetes Services

Integration of Kubernetes protocols with cloud-specific monitoring services such as CloudWatch, Stackdriver or Azure Monitor

Automated alerting and error detection for Kubernetes clusters

Automated scaling of Kubernetes workloads based on workload and resource utilization

Use of cloud-specific load balancing services for optimal performance


We ensure the efficient use of your Cloud resources

brandcompete integrates comprehensive cost control measures into all Cloud Management services to set up a Cloud Infrastructure that is not only powerful and scalable, but also cost-efficient and transparent. Maximize the benefits of your Cloud usage without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Cost Analysis and Forecasting

Receive a detailed analysis of your Cloud spend with tools like AWS Cost Explorer, Google Cloud Cost Management and Azure Cost Management.

Resource Tagging

We implement a consistent tagging strategy to clearly identify resources and enable the allocation of costs to specific projects or departments.

Reserved Capacity

Leverage Reserved Instances on AWS, Sustained Use Discounts on GCP and Reserved Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure to realize significant cost savings on long-term commitments.

Scaling Strategies

By implementing automated scaling strategies, both horizontally and vertically, we dynamically adjust resources to the current workload to avoid overprovisioning.

Accountability through Resource Limits

Set clear resource limits for Kubernetes containers to prevent overuse and unexpected costs.

Cluster Size Optimization

We continuously analyze the size of the Kubernetes cluster to ensure an optimal number of nodes and reduce overcapacity.

Automated Monitoring

We make use of Cloud monitoring services to detect deviations from cost forecasts or unexpected expenses at an early stage.

Optimization Reviews

We conduct regular reviews and analyses of your Cloud Infrastructure to identify and implement opportunities for optimization


Why you should choose brandcompete

Holistic approach

We don’t just offer individual services, but a holistic approach that covers all aspects of your Cloud strategy.

Adaptation to your needs

Our team adapts flexibly to the requirements of your business and develops customized solutions.

Security and compliance

We set the highest standards in terms of security and compliance to protect your sensitive data.

Continuous optimization

We constantly monitor your Cloud Infrastructure to maximize performance and efficiency.

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