ChatGPT? No, all the GPTs at once!

AIMan is your single interface to LLM models. Use them, compare them, fine-tune them. Readily start with 40+ models, keep your data under your own control, connect commercial services and develop chat use-cases.

The single connector to all models out there

Use language models easily – without exposing your data

AIMan hosts (nearly) all open-source Large Language Models at once! It provides full user access, integrated with your Intranet. And you can embed the models into your application with a model-independent API.

Never again worry how to integrate this impressive new AI technology into your enterprise. With AIMan, you get the newest models, the newest updates and you can share all your data with it. Because, unlike most commercial models, it’s neither in the Cloud nor somewhere out of your regulatory control. AIMan runs on your own servers.

You can simply chat with it, use it for model optimization, train models to your specific domain or you can use it as a productive platform for machine-to-machine interaction. With AIMan, the shiny world of LLMs becomes usable for every business.


Lern how to use AIMan in the blink of an eye

How to create a chat in AIMan
How to create a shared project in AIMan
How to compare model responses in AIMan
How to upload and assign data sources in AIMan
Prompting with data sources in AIMan
How to save prompts to the AIMan Prompt Repository and use placeholders
AIMan chat history and prompt replay


Why you need AIMan in your life

Use strictly confidential data safely

Use the locally installed AIMan to handle all your LLM operations. Don’t worry about personal data restrictions or business secrets. Train and integrate freely for your most special and domain specific use-cases without sharing data with the all-dominating cloud services.

Model Variety

Dive into a pool of specialized language models tailored to your project needs. From analysis to creativity, AIMan is the perfect AI ally for every task.

Response Comparison

Elevate decision-making with the ability to compare model responses. Witness diverse perspectives at a glance, making informed choices easier than ever.

Efficiency redefined

AIMan transforms complexity into simplicity. Streamline your workflow, amplify collaboration by seamless project or tab sharing and redefine what’s possible with the fusion of cutting-edge AI models.

Fields of application

AIMan is built and optimized for …

Domain-specific content creation

Prompt engineer models easily for your domain specific knowledge and language.

Hosting LLMs at a discount

Host 40+ LLM models on the same resource pool, starting with a single GPU.

Interacting with sensitive data

Do not hesitate to share trade secrets with the Chat-AI. It never leaves your premises.

Model use-case fit

Prompt engineer and fine-tune multiple base models at once, assess results directly.

UI Preview

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