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Safeguard your intellectual property and digital assets with brandcompete Antipiracy. Proactive monitoring, swift takedowns and customized reporting – your content, our protection.

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Stop losing revenue to online piracy

Do you have problems with your copyright-protected digital content being shared on piracy sites without your consent? Look no further, because we have the solution for you: brandcompete Antipiracy.

Our highly sophisticated Web Crawlers make it easy for us to track down suspicious content and have it taken down – whether it’s movies, games, streams, music, books or other kinds of documents. We work together with leading search engines and are able to delete illegal search results upon request.

Never again lose money to digital pirates. Never again worry about credibility and quality assurance – we’re sure that together we’ll find the right solution that’s tailored specifically to the needs of you and your business.


Four simple components as your shield against piracy

Web Crawlers

With our Web Crawlers and a set of keywords predefined by you, we scrape for copyright infringing content on search engines, internet forums, portals and blogs – not geographically limited but worldwide.


The extracted data – meta data to piracy and hosting sites – is written into our database, where it’s categorized by our experts. When illegal content is detected, the hoster receives an explicit deletion request on your behalf.


For maximum flexibility and convenience, the results are made available to you in a personalized and interactive browserbased dashboard with individual user management.

Search Result Deletion

At your request, we also provide the service to get individual search results for copyright infringing content deleted on the leading search engines.


Why you should invest in anti-piracy measures now

Combating online piracy is deemed crucial for protecting the rights of creators, fostering innovation, sustaining economic growth and ensuring the overall integrity of industries that rely on intellectual property. Especially businesses and creatives working in the entertainment, software or publishing industry, highly affected by piracy, are well advised to invest significant resources in anti-piracy measures to safeguard their livelihood and support fair competition in the global marketplace.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, and trademarks, is crucial for encouraging innovation and creativity. Anti-piracy measures help protect the rights of creators, fostering an environment where innovation is rewarded, and individuals and companies are motivated to invest in new ideas and content.

Economic Impact

Piracy can lead to substantial financial losses for intellectual property-dependent sectors. This revenue loss can affect not only the content creators but also the entire supply chain, including distributors, retailers, and other associated businesses.

Job Preservation

Many jobs are tied to creative industries, such as film production, software development, and music composition. Piracy can lead to job losses, as companies may cut back on staff or cease operations due to reduced revenue caused by illegal distribution of their products.

Quality Assurance

Revenue generated from legal sales and distribution allows content creators to invest in producing high-quality content. Pirated copies may not undergo the same quality control processes, leading to the distribution of inferior or compromised versions, potentially harming the reputation of the creator or developer.

Cybersecurity Risks

Piracy often involves the distribution of cracked or modified software, which can pose significant cybersecurity risks. Users who download pirated software may unknowingly expose themselves to malware, viruses, or other security threats.

Cultural and Artistic Diversity

Protection against piracy supports cultural and artistic diversity by enabling creators from different backgrounds to share their unique perspectives and stories. This diversity contributes to a richer global cultural landscape.

Fields of application

brandcompete Antipiracy is built and optimized for …

Media and Entertainment

Whether you make movies, write music, develop video games or operate a streaming service: Your digital content, your bread and butter, is a prime target for illegal online distribution. Protect it.

Software Developers and Companies

If you’re a software developer or company, you face significant risks from software pirates, distributing unauthorized copies of your programs for use without proper licensing.

Publishers and Authors

When you work in the publishing industry, distributing digital media, you’re exposed to serious threats from unauthorized reproduction and sharing of e-books and other written content.

Educational Institutions

Your institution is involved in education, so you’re well advised to invest in anti-piracy solutions to protect your materials and prevent unauthorized sharing of course content.

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