Make your ideas fly

Focus on your Data Science use-cases. Use the tools and technologies you love. Go live without waiting for other departments. Keep your data safe.

build • iterate • deploy • share

Transform your ideas into data-driven solutions

As an end-to-end Application Delivery Platform, Pergola closes the gap between bright minds in specialist departments, creating valuable insights from data, ready to change the digital world, and the technical implementation of their product ideas.

With Pergola, you have full control over the entire process – from development to industrialization to deployment and operation – without any of the complexity. 

No need to set up and administer servers. Never again worry about encryption, scalability, availability or GDPR. Simply focus on your use-cases, working with the technologies and frameworks you already know and love. 

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Why you should start working with Pergola now

Time to market

Deploy your data science applications within minutes and make them available to your customers and users instantly. Adapt and iterate your applications and rollout new versions with a few clicks anytime the market demands – it only takes seconds.

Fully control data and reduce costs

Pergola is installed on top of your private clouds or your internal edge devices. It scales resources actively. It integrates with your cyber security rules and your Active Directory. You define all policies, enforce data storage locations respecting regulatory requirements and never loose control.

Vendor agnostic hybrid cloud without lock-in

Pergola runs every programming language on every major cloud provider. Plus, it connects multiple clouds into a single management layer. And plus, it can run in every edge environment with Pergola Outposts. And plus plus, every software that runs on Pergola runs outside of Pergola as well – no lock-in risk involved.

Make ideas successful

Pergola allows MLOps, creating and publishing dashboards or webservices in self-service without the expertise of an IT department. Security, scalability, availability and redundancy all come with zero additional development effort.

Fields of application

Pergola is built and optimized for …

Data Scientists

You breathe data, love statistics and know how to code. You build great value with Python or R. Pergola makes your creations available to your customers directly and easily.

Financial Departments

Tons of data and heaps of digital processing are part of your work. Pergola helps run any uncommon technology and scale it cost-efficiently.

Process Engineers

Whether on the factory shop floor or in insurance math, you actively design digital tools these days. Pergola runs them standardized on edge, cloud and beyond.


AI and ML need lots of resources, special hardware and sometimes complex operations processes. Pergola allows newest models to be supplied with all its runtime needs.

UI Preview

Architecture Overview



Learn how to use Pergola

From a detailed guide on how to setup and create your first Pergola Project in less than 5 minutes to everything you need to know about Operations, the Pergola CLI or how to Pergolize your App – the Pergola Documentation page has got you covered. 

Manage, Build, Deploy

Publish your application hosted on git to Pergola and share it with your users. Learn how to manage projects and stages, releases and configurations, how to build, deploy and manage different versions and environments.

Operate and Monitor

Use live metrics and logs to gain insight into what your application is doing. Learn how to use monitoring for troubleshooting or finetuning and scaling your application.

Easy to use CLI

All features are also available via the command line. Learn how to install and configure the CLI to simplify and automate your day to day work.

Get started now

Make your data product available to the world

Get in touch with us today to learn more about Pergola or sign up for a demo account.

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